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Is it possible to have several YouTube channels? Absolutely. Organizing your material by creating a second channel is a fantastic method to do it. Here we will show you how to create a second youtube channel

Making a second channel is very simple with these suggestions, whether you’re wanting to grow into another specialty or just explore a new area of YouTube.

Creating a Second Channel to Your Account:

how to create a new youtube channel with the same email

Follow these steps to add a second channel to your account.

  • Check to see whether you’re logged in to YouTube (or Google)
  • Switch channels on YouTube by going to the channel changer.
  • Next step is Click “Create a new channel” from the drop-down menu.
  • Assign a name to your new channel.
  • Last step you can choose “Create” from the drop down option.

Each channel on YouTube may be customized with its logo. You can change easily your profile avatars & more under the channel settings.

If you already have videos ready for your second account, you may simply upload and publish them there. To switch channels, go to the YouTube channel changer and choose a new one.

Making Good Videos for Your Second Channel:

The overwhelming majority of YouTube users who have a second channel arrange their material by brand or subject.

To offer your viewers a unique experience, you may keep your video branding constant across all platforms or spice it up a bit with different colors or graphics.

In any case, a video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro will assist you in creating and managing videos for several channels, as well as exporting them straight to YouTube.

Create a second channel and immediately learn all there is to know about Premiere Pro.

How to Create a Second YouTube Channel with the Same Email?

how to create a second youtube channel

The question usually comes to mind is how to create a second youtube channel with the same email then the answer is yes.

Apply these three procedures to the second channel and use the same email address!

Create a YouTube Channel from the Ground Up:

To begin, go into your YouTube account and browse your channel list.

Create a new channel by clicking the ‘Create a new channel’ button.

Keep in mind that if you’re the channel’s manager, you’ll see that it is also on the list. With a single click, you may change to that channel.

Click on the name of a Brand Account displayed under Brand Accounts if it has not yet been set up as a distinct channel. They’re similar to Facebook brand pages in many ways.

2. Your Multiple YouTube Channels Should Be Called:

Give your new account a name before clicking the ‘Create’ button.

3. Customize It:

You performed a fantastic job! As a consequence, you now have two or more channels with only one email.

It’s time to personalize your new accounts, post videos, and analyze their performance. Make sure each of your new accounts has its user photo so you can tell which one you’re presently using.

The way you handle material in your business account is identical to how you manage it in your personal account.

How to Create a New YouTube Channel with the Same Email?

Now everyone needs to answer how to create a second youtube channel with same email.

  • Go to YouTube and log in.
  • Click on your avatar to bring up the operations menu.
  • Next step is From the drop-down menu, choose “Settings.”
  • Select “Create a new channel” from the drop-down menu to be taken to a new page where you’ll be prompted to create a brand account.
  • Last step is Give your new channel a name.

Final Verdict:

Multiple YouTube channels may require a lot of time and effort to create and manage. However, if you want to create an impact on the most popular internet platform among US adults, it’s worth investing.

It also has a monthly internet user base of two billion people.

What does this imply? Having several YouTube channels may help you reach a wider audience and raise brand recognition (if you do it right).

You may create numerous channels on YouTube using the same email address. Setting up the new channel is as simple as connecting to your current account and clicking a few buttons. You may also create a Brand Account, which is linked to your account and can be used for business or branding. Here in this article, we will discuss how to create a second channel on YouTube, While using the same email, etc.

You may use your normal YouTube account and change the privacy settings of individual videos if you just want to keep family recordings private. It’s preferable to build up separate channels if you have two distinct audiences for your material.

You could establish a different YouTube account for each audience in the past, and that technique still works today. Simply establish a separate Gmail account for each YouTube channel you wish to start.