Effective online marketing will be the fastest way to bring success to your business.  That’s why you and your business need to have a methodical and focused way of doing online marketing. To know more, follow this article! 

1. Online Marketing on Google (Search Engine)

This is considered a form of online marketing that should be given top priority. Because according to habit, Internet users when they want to buy a certain product or service often lookup on Google, Yahoo, Bing. Advertisers will either through agents or directly pay for advertising tools to Their products and services displayed in priority positions. They can also select groups of people who see ads by geographical location, age, and gender, or by some other special criteria. As a result, businesses can target the right target customer group, increase marketing effectiveness, and can monitor and statistics the effectiveness of each keyword to control both campaign and brand building. better.

This form of online marketing on Google is divided into 2 types: Google Adwords advertising and SEO.

Google Adwords is a commercial service that Google provides to those who need to promote their products, services or brands, etc. Users of the Google Adwords service need to pay to have ads displayed or clicked. Ads will appear in priority positions on the search results page or websites of the Google display network, through the selection of keywords related to the product/service selected by the business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also known as search engine optimization, is a process of optimizing text content and website structure for search engines to choose the most suitable website to serve searchers on the Internet. Internet. It can be understood simply that SEO is a set of methods to bring a website to the TOP 10 position (first page) in the search engine results pages.

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2. Online Marketing on Facebook (Social media)

Facebook is the largest social network in the world today and has a huge user base. The average person spends about 20 minutes on Facebook a day, 48% of 18-34-year-olds think of checking Facebook first when they wake up every morning. As a leading tool of social media, Facebook provides the ability to communicate interactively and reach large customers with high accuracy and it can also be a platform for brands to grow. its community.

Here I will list out 3 main channels on Facebook which are: the profile, group, fan page in each of these small channels. different ways of working for the most effective development. 

3. Online marketing (Digital Marketing) by the network on the Internet (Ad network)

Instead of knocking on the door of each agency or advertising department of each newspaper, advertisers can now use online advertising networks – an effective means to build advertising campaigns and discounts. , giving coupons to customers. An online advertising network is an intermediary system connecting online advertising sellers and buyers, helping advertising buyers find areas and websites that sell ads suitable for their media campaigns from thousands of websites. . This form is now highly appreciated by many companies because it saves time and human costs.

4. Online Marketing on YouTube

Online marketing on Youtube is an effective means of connecting users and businesses. There are two ways to do online marketing on Youtube: Paid Youtube Marketing and Free Youtube Marketing.

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Youtube marketing for a fee is that you will buy ads from Google Adwords or youtube ads. These two types of advertising are more advantageous because it inherits the characteristics of Adwords ads for youtube and also supports advertising with images.

Use PPC ads like Google Adsense, Yahoo, or Microsoft Adcenter. Accordingly, people who want to make money advertising will have to watch 10-30s videos depending on each request. Create promotional clips for items, products or convey the company’s mission to viewers.

Free Youtube marketing focuses more on the “off-page” field. Off-page advertising is similar to SEO for other pages. The word-of-mouth effect is a unique effect that is only available on YouTube. A unique video goes viral very quickly, sometimes exceeding your initial expectations, thereby reaching a large number of people interested in your topic. “Hundreds of hearing is not equal to one seeing”, a 30s long video will be more effective than you writing a 3-page article describing the product.

Besides, if you build a strong channel in a particular field. We can join the community of “Partners” supported by youtube to display recommended videos and Featured videos. In short, the form of online marketing on Youtube has many advantages that perhaps you should not ignore. Put your products and services on Youtube and you will see immediate results.

5. Online Marketing on Email

E-mail is gradually replacing postal mail and businesses can quickly send e-mail information about discount items, discount codes, coupons to a variety of e-mail addresses at a low cost. . Another form that businesses can apply is to encourage customers to sign up for eNewsletters to actively receive information for customers, thereby creating a comfortable and sympathetic mentality to information business offers.


Above are some forms of online marketing that are highly appreciated for their communication effectiveness and cost optimization. However, like all advertising methods, online marketing needs to be rooted in customer needs, habits, and understanding advertising tools. Properly identifying specific goals that need to be achieved and flexibly applying online marketing methods will help businesses use their budgets optimally.