toshiba satellite c55t-c5300

Toshiba Satellite C55t-C5300 Review

Are you looking for a budget-friendly laptop with a touchscreen and a high-performance processor? We’ll offer you a comprehensive Toshiba satellite c55t-c5300 in this post.

Among the features are an Intel Core i3-5020U CPU, 6GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive, brilliant 15.6′′ HD touch screen, many connections, and several extra capabilities.

toshiba c55t-c5300 review

The Toshiba C55T-C5300 laptop is a laptop that may also be used as a notebook computer. This laptop, on the other hand, comes with a huge 15.6-inch display and a powerful Intel Core i3-5020U processor.

The Toshiba laptop design would be great for mobility, with its 5.3-pound weight and sleek brushed black look. It’s perfect for academics or computer use at home.

The Toshiba C55t-C5300 Review reveals that it is a mid-range laptop that is excellent for regular come computing requirements like Netflix viewing.

Visiting social networking sites like Facebook and communicating with friends and family through apps like Skype, among other things.

You can effortlessly keep all of your important documents on this laptop’s huge 1024GB hard drive.

You can connect to a range of wireless devices using built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. There’s plenty of storage on the 1TB hard drive for all of your photos, music, and movies.

The Toshiba C55t-C5300 stands out because of a brushed-metal finish on the keyboard deck and a 1.1′′ tiny profile, even though the whole chassis is made of plastic.

You’ll notice brilliant colors for everything you watch on the 15.6-inch HD LED-backlit display with a resolution of 1376768, which has a resolution of 137676.

The Intel HD Graphics 5500 offers realistic pictures and powerful multimedia capabilities for video playback, casual gaming, and viewing movies.

However, The camera’s built-in stereo speakers and HD deliver the robust audio output and high-resolution video for your favorite song and online interactions.

When selecting a laptop, reviews are an essential thing to consider. Examining the features, capabilities, and user feedback might help you come up with an agreement.

Consumers who are used to paying close attention to details, on the other hand, value sharing their expertise with others.

You may have a preference for one kind of business laptop over another. Even though the qualities are established by the dealers, you are free to stroll inside the store and look around.

The user interface, genuine feeling, and bodily appearance are all visible.If you want to buy a laptop, you’ll need these.

This procedure’s success is aided by some Internet research.

You may still look around the market and try out other features, like the camera, keyboard, and touchpad.

It will, however, examine you with a more thorough comprehension of the merchandise. Even a little quantity of knowledge is more useful than a blind investment.

C55t-C5300 reviews may also assist you in better understanding the product before you purchase it.


  • First, let’s look at the material characteristics.
  • Toshiba Satellite c55t reviews is where you’ll find this laptop with a touch screen.
  • The hard disk has a storage capacity of roughly 1 TB, which is plenty. All of your professional data, as well as your entertainment collection, maybe readily entered. A Serial ATA hard drive with a 5400 RPM interface.
  • The optical drive is a DVD super-multi drive that can read and write 11 distinct file types. It’s also compatible with M-Discs.
  • • The laptop is equipped with a standard 15.6-inch slanting widescreen display. The TFT’s native resolution in HD is 1366 768 pixels.
  • The touchscreen display of the Toshiba satellite c55t c5300 model, which offers 720p resolution, will appeal to users. It does, however, feature a backlit LED display and a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • • Through the laptop speakers, the gadget provides external sound. The built-in stereo speakers may now be used to listen to music, video chat sounds, and movies.
  • A frameless TrueType keyboard with 10 keys may be found within the laptop.
  • A touchpad, which is commonly a pointing device with multi-touch control, may be used as your cursor.
  • The laptop, on the other hand, includes an integrated camera that can be used for video conversations and picture capturing.
  • Webcams, on the other hand, aren’t the finest way to snap a picture, but they can be utilized in almost any situation.
  • Aside from the video capability, having a camera has other advantages.
  • The built-in HD camera, on the other hand, has a TruTalk dual-microphone feature.
  • Bluetooth connections are included on the C55t-c5300 laptops enabling wireless data transfer to external devices.
  • The memory card reader on the laptop supports SD, SDHC, miniSD, microSD, and Multimedia cards.
  • Although there is an HDMI video connection, there is also an audio combination headphone and microphone connector.
  • For data transfer and other applications, one USB 3.0 connection is provided. Two extra USB 2.0 ports are available.
  • There is also an RJ-45 LAN connector on the device. A laptop security lock may be fitted into a slot.
  • The physical body of the Toshiba Satellite laptop is textured and mostly resin in a brushed black color.
  • The Toshiba, on the other hand, weighs 5.29 pounds and is portable for both work and vacation.
  • Based on the user’s settings and vendor-related components, the weight is likely to change.
  • The C55t-C5300 model’s body measurements are 14.96 inches by 10.19 inches by 0.96 inches (W x D x H). Even though the average typical body for your unrestricted use.

The Toshiba Satellite C55t C5300 Has Several Advantages:

toshiba satellite c55t-c5300 review
  • The product, on the other hand, is stylish and portable, making it ideal for both business and vacation.
  • However, it is a touchscreen device, which is often an add-on to a conventional laptop.
  • Following a thorough examination, we can conclude that the storage capacity of 1 TB is suitable for data gathering unless professional heavy work storage is necessary.
  • Even though 1 TB of storage is plenty. When it comes to online work, the CPU usually performs well.
  • You may look around, shop online, and watch videos. Work-related internet calls may be handled, as well as numerous tasks for work and school projects.
  • Students’ online classes, as well as the laptop’s internet connections, may be included. Go to the battery now.
  • The battery life is expected to be around 7 hours. However, it is certain to change based on how you utilize it.
  • Certain major tasks and single actions will not deplete your battery. In general, the battery life is sufficient for day-to-day usage provided each need is charged individually.

Toshiba’s Disadvantages and Flaws:

  • The Toshiba Satellite C55t laptop keyboard isn’t going to be quick. It’s quite good and rapid for the price.
  • Users also tend to push harder on the keyboard, making typing unpleasant. It’s also possible that this varies from one product to the next.
  • However, it depends on the individual, since some individuals are quite pleased with a keyboard. There are also customer reviews of products that tend to slow down not long after purchase.
  • After the warranty term has elapsed, laptops often slow down. A speedier slowdown of development, on the other hand, might be a negative to deal with. Problems with freezing are a hassle for everyone who uses a laptop. It wreaks havoc on even the most mundane of tasks.

Technical Specifications:

Processor5th Gen Intel Core i3-5020U dual-core processor cache & speed 3MB Cache and 2.2GHz processor speed
RAM 6GB DDR3L 1600 MHz memory
Hard drive  1TB SATA hard drive 5400rpm
Optical Drive Super Multi DVD/CD burner
Display size  15.6″ HD LED backlight Display
Resolution   1376 x 768 (HD)
Graphics   Intel HD Graphics 5500
Camera   HD Webcam with microphone
Speaker   Built-in stereo speakers

Final Verdict – Toshiba Satellite C55t-C5300 Review:

The Toshiba Satellite C55t-C5300 is a touchscreen laptop with a 15.6-inch display. Look no further if you want a low-cost laptop with touchscreen capabilities and high-efficiency power.

toshiba satellite c55t reviews

An Intel Core i3-5020U processor, 6GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, a gorgeous 15.6′′ HD touch screen, a variety of connectivity ports, and various other features are among the highlights.

The dual-core 2.2GHz Intel Core i3-5020U CPU with 3MB cache and 6GB of RAM in the Satellite C55t-C5300 gives great speed and rapid processing for managing common computing tasks.

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